Marijuana Strain Types and How to Choose the Best One for You

Marijuana is a plant with many components, one of which being the plant material from which it originates. This component comes in two forms: indica and sativa.

Indica plants are short and stocky, while Sativas are tall and thin. The former tend to give a more sedative effect, while the latter have a more energetic high. Indicas can also be used as an appetite stimulant for people living with HIV/AIDS or cancer who have been prescribed appetite-suppressing drugs. In contrast, Sativas produce less of an ‘in your face’ experience than their counterpart but offer greater mental stimulation for those who need help focusing on tasks at hand.

What are marijuana strains?

A strain, in the context of marijuana, refers to a variety of plant material which yields similar chemical components – such as CBD and THC. Some strains are purely euphoric and others only have potent medical effects. In general, plants with higher concentrations of THC produce heavier highs and may induce feelings of paranoia for inexperienced smokers. Indica-dominant strains offer a ‘body high’, while Sativa-dominant marijuana plants are more suited for people who want to stimulate their brain and body simultaneously.

Medical benefits of different strains

Sativa-dominant strains are often used to reduce nausea, stimulate appetite, lower blood pressure or even manage pain. Sativas tend to energize those who consume them and make people more talkative and happy. As previously stated, they are best suited for users who need stimulation without the ‘in your face’ effects of their counterpart.

Indica-dominant strains can be used to treat insomnia, muscle spasms, tremors or seizures in those who suffer from epilepsy. Some people are more likely to use indica for relief of pain; while others only opt for this type if they want a body high and relaxation.

Effects of different strains and how long they last

Both Sativas and Indicas can produce euphoric effects; however, the duration of each effect is different for users. If you consume an indica-dominant plant material, your high will probably be more intense but the effects will wear off after a few hours. On the other hand, when using sativa-dominant strains, the high can be milder but lasts longer. Indeed, some sativa-dominant strains offer more uplifting and stimulating effects than their counterpart.

Knowing your strain is the key to choosing the best one for you We recommend starting with an Indica or Sativa hybrid to discover the different high levels that marijuana plants can bring. Remember, however, that every individual is unique; so your experience may be different from that of someone else. Take time to figure out what you prefer and how it affects you, then create a list of your favorite strains!

We encourage you to learn more about the different types of marijuana plants available, as well as their health benefits. This way, you can make an informed decision on which one to use for your medicinal or recreational purposes.

How to choose the right strain for you

Figuring out what you want and how marijuana plants can help you achieve your goals is the first step in making a good selection. Knowing that Sativas have more uplifting, mentally stimulating effects while Indicas are better for relaxation and pain relief will give you a head start on your research.

One of the most important things to learn about before buying different strains is their THC and CBD content. While some plants have higher levels of one or the other, both cannabinoids offer therapeutic effects. If you’re aiming to treat a specific illness or alleviate certain symptoms, you should learn about how much THC and CBD are present in each plant material.

Some marijuana growers use high-CBD strains to treat a variety of ailments; however, if you are using cannabis for recreational purposes and want the ‘high’ feeling it can bring, you should know that many strains have THC levels over twenty percent. Of course, there is no rule saying you cannot experiment with high-CBD and low-THC plants to determine your preferences!

Pros and cons of smoking vs vaping vs edibles

The debate of whether or not you should smoke marijuana has been a hot topic for quite some time in the medical community. In recent years, many people have opted for edible marijuana products rather than smoke it to improve its medicinal effects and reduce the cancer risk associated with traditional smoking methods.

Vaporizers are becoming more popular as well; they still provide the ‘high’ feeling but are less harmful and riskier to your health than smoking marijuana.

Edibles can take longer to kick in, and you might not feel its effects immediately when they do; however, the high lasts longer than when smoking. Also worth noting is that eating cannabis will make you intoxicated faster than when you inhale it.

Smoking marijuana offers a shorter high but is more potent than edibles and vaporizers, which may not be suitable for those who want to keep their ‘high’ under control. Smoking can also irritate your throat and lungs; if you opt for this method, make sure that you use the proper smoking device so you can inhale the cannabinoids without damaging your throat and lungs.

Nevertheless, there are many who recommend vaporizing marijuana plants instead of smoking them because it reduces the amount of harmful stuff that goes into your body (e.g., carcinogens). Furthermore, you can customize a vaporizer to meet your needs; for instance, they usually come with different temperature settings.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you know your plan of action before getting the marijuana plant products; so you can limit your risk of medical side effects and enjoy yourself in the process!

Differences between indica, sativa, and hybrid plants

Most marijuana plants are classified as either indica or sativa. Indica plants have short and wide light green leaves, while sativas are taller with long, narrow leaves. This is how they differ physically; however, the mind and body effects of each of these strains may be different from one another as well.

Indicas are commonly used for pain relief, relaxation, and sleep; they also reduce nausea and muscle spasms. Sativas have energizing effects and are used to treat depression or mood disorders or for daytime use due to their clear-headedness.

Hybrids, on the other hand, often contain a combination of indica and sativa plants that create a variety of effects. Hybrids offer more options for medical patients, but keep in mind that it might not be possible to classify hybrids as indicas or sativas since they may have a combination of qualities from both plants.

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